Our Quality: Think Twice, Buy Once

We take environmental stewardship seriously. And one of the best ways to affect positive change on the environment is to stop buying (and throwing away) cheap goods. That’s why we only work with premium, durable goods that stand up to life in and outside of the gym.

The best quality milk (and whey!) comes from the happiest cows, and the happiest cows live outside. That's why we source our whey protein exclusively from grass-fed, free-range cows. We take out the warehousing, distribution and sponsorship costs that pump up the costs of the national brands to create a brand exclusive for your business at a price your members will love.

We only work with apparel manufactured right here in the USA or in factories certified by WRAP for their fair, humane worker conditions. Our customizable apparel options are high quality from start to the last stitch.

Putting Our Money
Where Our Mouth Is

We live on a planet with limited resources and as a species, we are exhausting the resources faster than they can regenerate. It’s our duty as a company to try to minimize our footprint on the environment and actively support those working to make a positive impact on our world. That is why we give 1% of our net sales every year to local projects doing just that. Your orders help support these causes in your community. Know a project you think we should support? We want to know about it.


About Us

We started THRV Fitness to help turn gym ownership and coaching into a long-term career path that can support a family financially while also allowing time to enjoy life outside the gym. We want to break the revenue ceilings created by collecting membership dues alone. We make the 'back-end' operations of your gym as simple as possible so you can focus on your passion.

Radz Zalewski - Founder
I've always loved sport from the time I was very young, growing up in the SF North Bay. I studied economics at college in Virginia and then returned to the Bay Area, dragging my now wife Kelly with me. We both started CrossFit soon thereafter. A few years later, when I started coaching CrossFit and learning more about the 'business of fitness.' I realized that these small business owners need support.

After 3 years of crafting our business model and supplement formulas, we launched THRV Fitness and have never looked back. Our goals are simple: leverage the collective power of all of the independent CrossFit gyms to create the most powerful, efficient and financially sustainable force for creating community through fitness.