The Business of Fitness


We're a collective of like-minded businesses on a mission to help gym owners create profitable, sustainable and ethical fitness businesses.


Our Family of Companies


Built For Your Brand

Affiliate Supplements is the leader in privately-labeled, premium supplements built for gyms. A successful supplement program helps your members reach their goals and your business reach its potential. But that doesn't happen by accident.

Making great supplements is just the start of what we do. Our expert design team provides customized product images, social media content and ongoing campaign strategies to maximize your brand. Let's take your business further.


Flip Switch, Get Merch

FlipSwitch Apparel provides the industry's first, fully-integrated solution to automate and scale your gym's retail. By offering on-demand apparel and accessory customization, you no longer have to carry a huge inventory in order to offer a robust pro-shop to your members.


Retail, Personalized

THRV Vending provides a superior alternative to the mini fridge and snack basket at your gym. The energy-efficient machines offer touchless payment options and a secure way to store and monitor your inventory.

We're also innovative in our product selection, offering only snacks and drinks that support a healthy lifestyle. We work with many local and niche products that the bigger companies don't. Finally, a way to provide snacks and drinks to your members without the hassles of inventory or loose change!